1. Medical support

The provision of medical treatment and care is often greatly important to individuals we support. We recognise the burdens which individuals and families can face when poor health is encountered, or accidents are suffered. These events are often traumatic enough without the strain of medical and pharmaceutical bills. Our support includes direct payments to hospitals and medical professionals and the provision of medical support equipment such as wheelchairs and specialist beds.

    1. Winter supplies

The bitter winter increases poverty and hardship for many across Panjab. The higher food and fuel costs result in many families being unable to cope. The poor and the elderly often suffer the most from the harsh winters. Poverty stricken families live in neglected and dilapidated dwellings, which are exposed to the elements and provide little or no protection. Sadly, in these freezing conditions, many are at risk from potentially fatal winter illnesses like pneumonia. We provide support with the provision of winter aid packs consisting of warm clothes, blankets and other amenities to see them through the tough season.

    1. House repairs/rebuilds

With increasingly severe weather conditions in Panjab ranging from strikingly hot summers, heavy monsoons and bitter winters, houses quickly become dilapidated and can become dangerous conditions to live in, particularly for the elderly and young. We provide support through the repairs and rebuilding of houses ranging from the replacement of damaged walls, roofs and doors to the provision of basic furniture and utilities connection pipes. We pay workmen directly and monitor any such repairs/maintenance to ensure they are completed properly, within good time and to a good standard.

    1. Water and sanitation

We have recognised that rural infrastructure still remains deficient and that there is a requirement to provide reliable and constant water supplies and reasonable sanitation facilities. The provision of, and access to, water supplies and sanitation are central to poverty reduction due to their direct links with health and productivity and the part they play in reducing the risk of spreading disease. We aim to increase access to clean drinking water and sanitation by constructing and rehabilitating water facilities. We have implemented such facilities thorough water boreholes and small dams which have enabled households to have access to this basic necessity of life.

    1. Education

We believe that education is a fundamental feature of any community as not only is it key to tackling poverty in the longer term by affording younger generations with the opportunities to build careers and contribute to wider society but it also has great merit in providing the youth with stability and a safe haven. Where parents are experiencing financial hardship, any income must be prioritised on the provision of basic daily essentials and there is no remaining income to dedicate towards school fees. Regrettably, children are forced to leave studying and required to begin working in order to contribute some income to the household. The impact of such circumstances can be devastating as it leaves whole families and

communities with youth who have little or no employment or career prospects.

We focus upon supporting the education of under privileged youths by contributing towards payment of school fees or by providing educational equipment.

We also make a significant financial monthly contribution towards a gurmat after-school which is run by our volunteers in Panjab. Here youths partake in kirtan and gatka and are encouraged to live positive lifestyles free from substance use which is having a detrimental impact on many youth in Panjab today.

    1. Monthly income support programme

We provide direct financial monthly income supplements as support to families and individuals for general expenditure which they encounter on a more day-to-day basis, such as for food supplies, utilities bills, transport costs and medical supplies for the purposes of their ongoing welfare. The number of individuals and families to whom we provide these pensions/income supplements has increased over the years of our operation and we aim

to continue to increase the number of families we are able to support as we have identified hundreds more families who are in need of support. To ensure that funds are utilised in an effective and efficient manner, we continue to conduct needs assessments on the families who are receiving welfare/pensions on an ongoing basis to ensure that the support is still required. The amount of the monthly pension/income supplement provided is universal across all families to whom we provide this support.