Families we support

Parkash describes how her husband Gurnam Singh used to come in from work and play with his two children. They were a happy family. One day, she learned that her husband had joined other Sikhs fighting in the movement.

Not long after, the police started raiding their home and beating family members. Parkash recalls that during the struggles, Gurnam Singh often reminded her that he would not change his course in life, and that she should start putting all her faith in God. She began to worry about his whereabouts as he was spending more time away from home. Sometimes the police would arrive and harass the family.

Parkash feared for her children and would send them to other people’s homes. Unfortunately, the children would sometimes be refused a place to stay as people feared that if the police were to find out, they would be subjected to the violence too.

She was at her mother’s house when her husband came to visit her. He didn’t stay long and said he must leave otherwise the police would capture him. In the following days she learned that he had been killed in an ambush.

When she went to identify Gurnam’s body, there were many corpses there, all riddled with bullet holes. She was able to identify her husband’s body by a mole on his small finger. The police harassment stopped that day.