We have a dedicated team based in Panjab who work with the UK team to identify individuals and families in need. The teams conduct comprehensive needs assessments in order to verify the authenticity and, determine the severity of cases presented.

The circumstances of each case are assessed individually based on factors which include:

  • Individual and household income
  • Signs of malnutrition, especially among children and elderly
  • General family health
  • Accessibility to basic amenities
  • Living conditions and levels of sanitation
  • Education and skills (or lack thereof)


Our UK team work very closely with our overseas team to provide them with the aid and to agree consistent and professional systems for distributing that aid and for funding/providing services.  Where the support we are providing encompasses a longer-term project, such as a house rebuild, funds are provided in stages and progress photographs and receipts are circulated on a regular basis. As part of our commitment to absolute accountability our team work responsibly in ensuring clear communication within the team at all times so that everyone is kept fully informed as to how and where any donations are being applied.


A number of our volunteers manage the administration of Your Seva which includes:

  • organisation and updating of our website and social media pages
  • charity commission compliance
  • keeping financial accounts and records
  • communicating updates within the Your Seva team


Our fundraising and awareness team are on hand to engage with the wider UK community to raise the profile of Your Seva and to increase awareness of the causes supported by it. We often set up stalls at events across the UK such as sponsored sports events, festivals, rallies and other public events with a view to spreading awareness of Your Seva and to encourage the public to support. This also presents us with the opportunity to discuss new current and progressive ideas so that we remain as forward thinking and efficient as possible to best serve our mission.