Ration Panee

Your Seva provides families with ration panee consisting of monthly food and household goods package.


These families have no sustainable income or means to provide for themselves each month, poverty-stricken families are often neglected in Panjab.


Many of these families face a life of poverty due to unfortunate circumstances such as loss of family members, becoming widowed, orphaned, ill health, disabled, elderly, vulnerable and other forms of disadvantage. Your Seva alongside NGO @santbabagurbakshsingh now support 21 families in Panjab as part of the Ration Panee Project.


To provide food and household supplies to one family it will cost £15 per month. If you would like to sponsor a family to please direct message us.


In recognition of the rising food costs in Panjab and the ongoing farming crisis, Your Seva alongside Sant Baba Gurbaksh Singh organisation now supports 25 families as part of a Ration Panee project providing basic but vital food and household supplies to help prevent the elderly, the young and everyone in between from going hungry or thirsty. The cost of this support to Your Seva is £15 per month per family.


Please contact us if you would like to support a family or any of our other projects.

What’s in the package?

Sugar – 5kg
Teabags – 500 grams
Surf – 2kg
Salt – 2kg
Colgate x 1
Mungi Di Daal Lentils – 1kg
Masra Di Daal Lentils – 1kg
Chickpeas – 1kg
Black pepper – 50 grams
Chai Masal – 50 grams
Shampoo x 2 packs – each pack containing 16 sachets.
Tumeric – 200 grams
Clothes Soap – 2kg
Body Soap x 4 bars
Washing up liquid – x 3 packs
Biscuits – 5 packs
Rice – 3kg
Flour – 10kg
Cooking oil – 3kg
Cha masala – 100g
Sabji – 100g